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Dunkin Kehn is Westchester County's destination for green beauty.

We've curated an impeccable collection of skincare and makeup featuring gorgeous oils, sumptuous extracts, and exquisite pigments derived from plants prized around the world for their beauty-nurturing qualities.

We invite you to come see us in Briarcliff Manor to fall in love with these green beauties by experiencing them in our store or through a bespoke facial service.​​
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Dunkin Kehn + Green Beauty

We're here to tell you:

So, give yourself a hug and repeat after us:

It’s time to break up with conventional cosmetics and fall in love with your skin.

Let us entice you with the idea of nurturing your skin with precious oils, extracts and minerals found in nature and cultivated across the globe. The same ingredients prized by Cleopatra and Catherine De Medici, and shared from woman to woman across generations. 

Going green includes greening your thoughts.

We believe in taking the cruelty out of the way we care for our own beauty. So, at Dunkin Kehn, you’ll never find harsh cleansers, abrasive exfoliants, or destructive acids. Neither will you find beauty-defeating language that defines your skin around its problems. We're here to nurture the nature of your skin, by celebrating its texture, color, and personality. 
“My skin is too beautiful for​

1-4 dioxane, benzalkonium chloride, butylated hydroxyanisol, butylated hydroxytoluene, coal tar and coal-tar-based dyes, DMDM hydantoin, ethanolamines, formaldehyde + formaldehyde releasers, hydroquinone, mineral oil, oxybenzone + benzophenone, parabens, paraffin, polyethylene glycol, phthalates, sodium lauryl and sodium laureth sulfate, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, talc, toluene, and triclosan/triclocarban."

(Can we even pronounce the names of these nasties?)
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    We offer a hand-selected collection of green skincare designed to meet your every fantasy. From luxurious cleansing balms to me-time masks, no matter your skin's personality, we'd love to nurture it.
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    Gone are the days of lack-luster natural makeup. Whether you rock the minimal look or dare to try the latest lip trend, you can do it green-style.
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    We think facials need to be more than a once-a-year-treat. So we're making them easy to schedule, more affordable, and — since you'll be doing them all the time — free of toxins and other skin bullies.
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    Advice + Samples
    We get it. Making the switch to green isn't easy (but oh-so-worth-it, as we'd like to prove to you). We're here to help you navigate your way, and we encourage sampling our wares in our shop or at home.